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Emergency Information

Emergency Information

Emergency Call Center
Alert Level
Are you ready?
The time to prepare is
before a potential disaster hits.

CALL 911 OR *HP (*47 from your cell phone)

FOR NON-EMERGENCIES, CALL 211 --- 2-1-1 Brochure

ALDOT Emergency Call Center (when activated) Number

General Emergency Information

Call Center Status Updates

ALDOT Road Conditions

Traffic Information and Cameras

Alabama Welcome Centers and Rest Areas

ALDOT Emergency News Releases and Advisories

ALDOT Division & Districts Map

Hurricane Evacuation Information

I-65 Contraflow Plan

Alabama Hurricane Evacuation Guide
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Alabama Hurricane Evacuation Map

Coastal Evacuation Routes


Hurricane Information Call Center Photos

Hurricane-Related News Release Archives

Information and Links

National Information - Important links to national web sites.

NOAA's Extreme Weather Information Sheets - Provide critical evacuation and contact information.

State of Alabama Resources and Links - Important links to Alabama state agencies and emergency personnel.

Alabama County Information - Important contact information listed by Alabama counties.

NOAA Weather Service - Covers various states along the Gulf Coast.

NOAA Alabama Weather Information Sheet

Radio Stations - Stations for weather updates in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  Also includes a list of the NOAA Weather Radio Stations.

I-65 Gas Stations - Gas stations along I-65 between Mobile and Montgomery.

I-10 Gas Stations - Gas stations along I-10 between the Florida and Mississippi state lines.

Hospital Locations - Hospitals located along I-65 North from Mobile to Montgomery.

Alabama Sheriffs - Alabama Sheriffs Offices

Florida Evacuation Routes - County-by-County maps of hurricane evacuation routes from the Florida panhandle.

Beginning with the 2012 hurricane season, NOAA's National Weather Service revamped the hurricane rating system.
The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, NOW uses wind speed as its only determining factor.
Category 1 - Winds: 74-95 mph
Very dangerous winds will produce some damage.
Category 2 - Winds: 96-110 mph
Extremely dangerous winds will cause extensive damage.
Category 3 - Winds: 111-129 mph
Devastating damage will occur.
Category 4 - Winds: 130-156 mph
Catastrophic damage will occur.
Category 5 - Winds: 157 mph or higher
Catastrophic damage will occur.