Montgomery skyline at night

On behalf of the Bridge Bureau and Conference Steering Committee, it is my pleasure to invite you to the 2nd Annual Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) Pre-Construction Conference. This year’s conference will be held April 2nd through April 4th at the Renaissance Hotel & Spa Convention Center in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Steering Committee is planning an exciting as well as informative agenda for the 2nd Annual Conference from which I am confident all attendees will benefit. Several of the sessions at this year’s conference will focus on promoting knowledge about ALDOT’s organizational structure as it relates to pre-construction activities and how the various Bureaus, Divisions, and Region work collectively within these areas to carry a transportation project from concept to completion. During the conference we will receive an update on the operations of Southwest Region and the close-out session will feature several knowledgeable speakers presenting on the topic of three dimensional modeling and design.

We trust that you will find this year’s conference to be highly productive and beneficial and that all attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the pre-construction process and the role each Bureau, Division and Region has in this process. The Pre-Construction Conference is a great opportunity for you to network with your peers in the transportation engineering field, allowing you to share and gather knowledge.

For more information about this conference, please check the web site periodically.

We look forward to seeing you in Montgomery.


John F. (Buddy) Black, P.E.
State Bridge Engineer