Jefferson, Alabama

Welcome to the Progress20 Online Information Center developed to provide you with ongoing information about projects and improvements to Interstate 20 in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Light Orange Arrow Project Description

Constructing the Pavement and Rehabilitation on I-20 from I-59 in Birmingham to SR-4 (US 78) in Leeds

Length: 9.8 miles
Construction Began: September 16, 2012
Project Completed:   Early Winter 2013

Project Map

I-20 East Bound West Bound 

I-20 East Traffic Detour Map

I-20 West Traffic Detour Map

Alternate Routes

blue arrow for Detour RouteI-20 East Bound will be closed between EXITS 130 & 136.
  • To Reach I-20 East from I-20/I-59 South, take I-59 North to Exit 137 to I-459 South.
  • Take I-459 South to Exit 29 to I-20 East.

blue arrow for Detour RouteI-20 West Bound will be closed between EXITS 136 & 130.
  • To Reach I-20/I-59 South, take I-20 West to Exit 136 to I-459 North.
  • Take I-459 North to Exit 33a to I-59 South to I-20 West/I-59 South.

Construction Updates:


Expected Public Impact:

Lane Closures

  • Phase I of the project will start Sunday, September 16 at 7 p.m. Plans are to begin asphalt patching repairs on both eastbound and westbound lanes of I-20, which will involve having various lane closures from the I-20/ I-459 Interchange to the 1st Leeds Exit (Bass Pro Shop).

  • Phase II is expected to begin in early Spring of 2013, where there will be lane closures/shutdown on this portion of the project. More information will follow as the time nears.

Increased State Trooper Presence

  • Construction speed limit of 55 MPH will be heavily monitored and enforced by an increased State Trooper presence for the duration of the project.
  • Construction speed limit of 45 MPH and will be heavily monitored and enforced by an increased State Trooper presence for the duration of the project.


  • During certain phases, any accidents in the project work zone will shut down both lanes until the traffic accidents is cleared.
  • During all phases, drivers are urged to comply with posted speed limits and allow safe following distances to reduce the potential for accidents.

Public Delays

  • As in all roadway construction projects, the public should anticipate delays especially during high congestion times during the day.

Work Zone Driving Tips

  • Adhere to the posted speed limits.

  • Pay attention.

  • Use proper turn signals for lane changes.

  • Do not weave in and out of traffic.

  • Keep a safe distance from the car ahead.

  • Minimize distractions such as using cellular telephones.

  • As always, buckle up.

  • For your safety and the safety of others, watch for lane/ramp closures and detour signs.

  • Continue to pay attention to work zone signs, even when the work is long term or widespread.

  • Remain Calm.
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